Diet: 8 mistakes 'brake' metabolism

You want to ensure that your body "burns" as many calories in the day? ... You can help by adopting some simple strategies! You need to limit your calories intake daily from foods, but do not overdo it. When you eat less than you should-that when you deprive your body the energy it needs to meet its basic requirements; automatically metabolic rate decreases as the body turns on "survival" and try to save as many as possible "resources". At the same time, it begins to disintegrate muscle tissue, which consumes significant amounts of energy (calories).

Smell summer and the shop windows are filled with colors. Sexy playsuits and floral swimsuit entered your microscope. Your loved fabric, the price also, but the problem was elsewhere. These 2-3 pounds you got during Easter still evaporate ... and this prevents you from doing the lighter your impressions.

See, then, the following nutritional program, follow some tips that will Enter your grasp and position in queue for the ... fund.

Your first thought is logical that all fruits healthy so out of place in a diatrofologio aimed at loss of overweight.
This is not true, as some fruits contain large amounts of sugars. According to the latest scientific data, the sugars of the fruit not only us get fat but also increase hunger and cravings awaken ...

In the weight loss process, many think that a deprivation diet will bring the results you want. Instead all the nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants to be included in a balanced diet, play their own important role in the weight loss process.

The foods rich in complex carbohydrates (e.g. cereal / pasta, bread wholegrain, brown rice, legumes) increase the blood glucose constant at desired levels over a period of 1-3 hours. Proteins (legumes, meat, chicken, fish, milk, cheese, yogurt, egg) digested gradually bring about a slow rise in blood glucose over a period of 3.5 hours.

Combining carbohydrates rich in fiber proteins in each main meal, blood glucose is better controlled, and hunger and satiety is the desired limits. Moreover, regular consumption of carbohydrates rich in fiber maintains high energy levels, avoid overconsumption intermediate rich in fat and sugar and produces a feeling of well being to the individual. It is important therefore consumed foods
with such combinations as to simultaneously supply the body with proteins and carbohydrates. A very good alternative is whole grains that contain additional herbal protein from soybean, a plant source with good amino acid profile.

Fungal infection is highly contagious. Through the treatment of nail fungus soda or vinegar, or other modern drugs, remember prevention of onychomycosis. Whatever the nail disease - treatment should be accompanied by preventive measures. The fungus is very tenacious, so if a family has a sick fungus, treatment should be carried out together. Do not use common objects in everyday life. Let everyone will have his towel, his sneakers, apparel and other accessories. Often enough to wear someone else's shoes, and the fungus is attached tightly. Try during treatment does not go to public places, such as a sauna or a bath. Fungal infections of the liking of warm and humid places. Do not go in the pool, on the beach. If the situation is still forced take off our shoes or wish to visit in the sauna too long, wear your slippers or simple individual shoe

After a hard exercise, such as running downhill, eat oranges to reduce the pain of your muscles. Oranges cover 100% of the RDA of vitamin C. Antioxidant The antioxidant properties of the fruit from the mixture cherperidinis positioned in fine orange peel. It has been shown that cherperidini helps reduce cholesterol and high blood pressure.

There are foods that are good ingredients that give extra weapons in the body to eliminate excess fat, but what you should know is that at the end of the day, a prosthesis is the one that will make a difference. "Losing weight is based on simple mathematics! ... In the "act" calories are that count, regardless of the source from which they come. Furthermore, for weight loss you need to focus on both sides of the "Energy Balance". Simply put, we must not only reduce calorie intake from your diet, but also increases are you spend with your physical activity "says the dietician.

Fattening beer?

What are the basic ingredients of beer? How many calories and how much alcohol is in it?

The classic beer recipe includes as basic components the barley malt (usually pasteurized or sterilized), hops, yeast (natural or additional) and of course water. Due to these raw materials of beer has the B group vitamins such as folic acid, various antioxidants (polyphenols and flavonoids), plant estrogens, trace elements and minerals, such as potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, silicon, etc. It also has a lower alcohol content, minimum sodium, relatively low carbohydrate and performs fewer calories than other alcoholic drinks in the same amount of consumption.
And calories?

The caloric performance of each beer depends on the content of alcohol and carbohydrates. For example, 1 box (330 ml or 33 cl) «blonde» lager -the kind of beer consumed in the country more us- contains 14-16 g. alcohol, 13-15 g. carbohydrates and about 150 calories. The beer with more alcohol attribute typically more calories, while those with low alcohol or no less alcohol.

It is often argued that to lose inches from the abdomen and strengthen the need to do exclusively abs. The truth is that to burn fat is accumulated in both the abdomen and other areas of the body must be careful in our diet in conjunction with a comprehensive fitness and diet program and not to focus on specific exercises such as abdominal.

Increased pressure means not only an increase in operating weight, but also the development of communications between the muscles and the brain. If you learn at will to strain the muscles during exercise, it will significantly increase the effectiveness of the training without the use of heavy weights.

Nutrition plays a key role in the success of the training. To make the muscles grow, the body needs extra calories - at least 10-15% of the daily norm. Remember also that without a lot of carbohydrates of regular weight gain is possible.

For a complete recovery and growth of muscles the body needs rest and sleep - try to sleep at least 8 hours a day. Besides, it is not recommended to overload yourself other types of sporting activity (jogging, swimming, soccer or skiing) on ​​days of rest.

To quickly build muscle
, you need to follow the basic guidelines Bar Brothers The System - use polyarticular barbell exercises to improve muscle strength, functional exercises for the development of coordination of movements, as well as hard to eat the right carbohydrates.


So women are driven to obsession with the pounds

The majority of women will say something good about their bodies. Also, the search for the perfect body has become obsessed for most. Recent research reveals just how ingrained is the negative body image in women, revealing that 97% of women will talk ascetics something on them, they will say "I hate my thighs", "I hate my stomach 'or' I'm ugly."
Moreover, 90% aged 15-64 years want to change at least one thing in their appearance, and usually this is the weight.

Poor body image begins early. The girls from the age of five have an opinion about their weight like that fat is bad and lean body is good. Also, many girls are on a diet at an early age, while they should not. By 18 the girls have passed several stages, as the image of the body, and many have experimented with various diets. But what feeds this obsession? There are three key factors that contribute to the negative image of the female body.

Many parents are dieting, even when not needed, saying that the more weak are the better. This often gives children a false picture about what is a healthy body.

Nutrition education is important for young girls. If a girl learned from childhood that are poor and good foods, this may cause an adherence and therefore lead to an eating disorder. The misunderstanding that can be done is that she is not evil, so not eating and "bad" foods.

Research shows that the more women see perfect bodies in the media, the more they believe they should look like theirs with those. This happens even though you know that if you look closely these women may not be as impressive. But rational thinking he knows what is not real, is defeated by emotional thinking.

I am grateful to remove belly fat diet, a lot of training but the belly 0-6 Pack Abs Review is not going away. He ate everything. Once I stopped eating sweet and flour, and only until 19 pm started noticing results. It is important to eat small portions of 5.6 times a day. Carbohydrates separately from proteins. That's the whole recipe

Everything is done in the amount of fat on the sides and belly! fat in these areas should be present in a small number of both men and women, it affects human health, heat! There should be no extremes ... what the fuck you dryer?! You Th Centerfolds or athletes have what if ... the main body mass and strength! or anyone of you wants to look beautiful? Then this is a must raise questions about sexual orientation ... not manly, it looks beautiful! manly to be strong and hold svom body wrung 100raz and catch up on the bar at least 15, to run 10km and not to faint , eat regularly and fast on time ... But if you at least execute it well, then nothing extra you will not, and the force will be present in an amount ogromonom including the "male power"! and if you zhrёte Labuda and sit on the internet all his spare time and watch as the "look beautiful man" in your opinion, your destiny depression, illness selfish cowardice and sin as the Orthodox warrior ...

Some numbers ago, namely, 11/99 in the room we printed training program out of the crisis ("anti-crisis program"), and in this article talked about the fact that this training system works primarily for people who do not use anabolic steroids . Frankly, that steroids - something very effective. And to build muscle mass with steroids compared to other anabolic supplements is very difficult. But still there are people, and I have great respect for them, who are trying to progress is achieved without the use of hormones. And then, in addition to this system, the fore supplements. I must say that steroid courses, described by Dr. syringe will cost you much cheaper than the scheme using the power of new food additives. On this circuit the power you and I want to tell. And, if you've decided not to use steroids and want to achieve a significant increase results in strength and mass, want to maintain their muscle volume for a long time, then I suggest you one of his techniques, which I consider very important. The basis of this program, I have taken from the book by Bill Phillips, then reworked it under the Russian reality, for those drugs that we can get on the market.

As dietary supplements that you need to use, I recommend a cretin monohydrate, HLB Im Bi (HMB), vanadyl sulfate, CLA (linoleic acid), and vitamin C. Vitamin C, I believe - be sure to take! Just you need powders manufactured as a replacement power supply, for example, "Met-rx" or "Rx-fuel". In English is called "meal replacement powders", i.e., the replacement supplies. In a pinch you can do yourself "meal replacement." It is necessary to mix the carbohydrate-protein mixture with some low-fat protein mixture, somewhere 50 to 50, that is, so that you have 50% protein and 50% carbohydrates. Your power scheme will include seven meals. But despite the apparent abundance of single methods, the total amount of food will not be as great.
Let us assume that a normal person works with, say, 9 to 5. And at 6:00, he can afford to come to the gym. In this case, the first meal you will have seven to seven thirty in the morning. This is the main meal. I speak based on his experience: I have in the morning is not very good appetite, but I, like any man, must take a minimum of 450-500 calories. Therefore, the first meal is: some powder substitute power again, you can mix the protein and carbohydrate and protein mixture. You should get about 40 grams of protein. It is easy to calculate when to multiply 40 by 4, then get 160 kcal. The rest of the calories you need to get from carbohydrates. I also add to the mixture about 5 grams of creatine monohydrate. I especially recommend taking vanadyl sulfate. Somewhere in the 15 mg, I will not speak on specific drugs, see the concentration in a single capsule of the drug used, and bring it to 15 mg for the first meal. Take somewhere 1.1-1.2 grams of linoleic acid (CLA), 1 gram HLB Im Bi (HMB) and 1 gram of vitamin C. Vitamin C is particularly useful due to the fact that when you start hard training , immune system starts to weaken. Therefore, taking Vitamin C, you get the ability to resist harmful external influences and diseases. Especially if you use steroids. Anyone who has ever "Tinkering" knows that starting a course, it is easy to pick up some cold realties.

Power - is a vital process for our body, you want to live - you must eat. As a result of this process, we get the energy, construction material for updating (growth) of the organism, the biologically active nutrients certain influence on the psyche.

For example, vitamin deficiency affects the health, intelligence and youth much more than a number of other reasons. The basis of most diseases is the lack of any vitamin. Inadequate amounts of minerals is the main mechanism of aging, as well as the dewatering process. Similarly, the effect on the body other imbalances in dietary food components such as carbohydrates, fats and proteins.